Skip Santorini It’s Overrated

You’ve all heard of Santorini, a wash of white bubble houses illuminated by a larger-than-life sunset.

If you have Instagram you would have seen many a blogger posing in white clothes at a white dinner table, drinking white wine under a white windmill… you get the point.

Now we’re not trying to defame this iconic destination or dissuade you from visiting, not at all. It handles its huge levels of tourism rather well and is souring into the future with the adaption of some amazing wineries, microbreweries, historical adventures and an ever-present and ever-palatable fine dining scene.

It is, picturesque and you can dine on some amazingly good food and drink…. but, is that it?

Pretty much, yes. I know, I know but the travel blogger you follow just said it was the best destination they have ever been too, a bucket list, a must-visit a once in a lifetime trip…

Now, if it’s your travelling destiny and your mind is made up, you want to go “do it for the gram”, or you’re going on a honeymoon next week, stop reading because here come the home truths.

Santorini is one of the most overrated, expensive and crowded travel destinations on this earth! The images you see on the internet are not accurately tied to the experience you will have.

Although Santorini deals with its level of tourism well, you will find yourself in huge waves of crowds streaming of cruise ships and disgruntled couples pushing and shoving (yes this actually happens) to get the best view of the sunset. Some of the restaurants you dine at will be massively overpriced and not the authentic Greecian cuisine you’d be expecting. You can easily spend over and beyond 100 Euros on a standard meal and a bottle of vino.

Not exactly what you’ve seen on Instagram…

Hard to believe, we know.

That’s why we’re going to show you that there are alternative Greek islands, just as picturesque, just as awe-inspiring where you can enjoy an amazing relaxing holiday for a more than reasonable price.


Lefkada Villa

Views to Rival Any Island

Lefkada is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, connected to the mainland by a causeway. It’s cliff faces, gorgeous views of surrounding islands and stunning sunsets are only made better by the gorgeous villas facing them. You still get millionaires mooring yachts and you can still find some amazing restaurants, the big bonus here is you can get an entire villa from £150 per night and room from £45, almost 3 times less for your equivalent in dreamy Santorini. Food for thought……

Lefkada Holiday Rentals


Avoid the parties and this place is perfect…

Zakynthos is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea and a well-known summer resort. Some attractive lower-key bases lie just beyond the larger, run-of-the-mill resorts! Best to get a rental if you’re looking for the ‘Santorini dream’. Undoubtedly the true highlight comes from the spectacular scenery of the west coast, where mighty limestone cliffs plummet down to unreal turquoise waters.

You can find yourself a gorgeous villa sleeping up to 10 for £120 per night, a lot cheaper than the Santorini alternative.

Zakynthos Villas



Luxury Rentals in a Traditional Town

Crete is gorgeous, it’s Venitian styling makes it different and intriguing compared to other Greek Islands. Especially, Chania!

Chania is a wonderful harbour town with narrow streets and amazing restaurants. You can get a wonderful Villa or town rental from £100 per night making it three times less expensive than Santorini. Chania has a wonderful charm about it, it’s purely traditional and it really shows.

Chania Villas & Rentals

So there you have it, three Santorini alternatives. Each boasting the same characteristics, minus the crowds and more importantly minus the price!

Now, if we still haven’t managed to attract you to our alternatives and you’re willing to tackle the crowds and swallow the cost……


Dreamy Santorini

Now that is picturesque! Despite the crowds and the cost, Santorini can still be amazing. If you find yourself a quiet spot with a nice bottle of wine, the evenings are magical, the organic sunset beats anything you’ve seen on Instagram and cost will be the last thing on your mind.

Santorini Luxury Rentals

Can you think of any other overrated holiday destinations? Have you ever been fooled by the faux shots of Instagram? Let us know in the comments.