Updating Your Profile

Updating Your Profile

At Gomingo we want to create a trusted community and we truly believe that each user has a good story to share with the rest of the Gomingo community. We trust that every Host should know who they are hosting and each Guest should know who their Host is (through a clear profile page).

With this in mind, we built Gomingo focusing on visuals, and allowing every user to upload their avatar photos and bio. Each user collects reviews under their profiled page allowing others to discover their story. As it is our philosophy, we would encourage users to update their information upon signing up. This is not mandatory, but it will benefit everyone in our community and build the trust we aim to create.

You can update achieve all of the above by simply clicking on your name when logged into your account.

Happy hosting with Gomingo! Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions on support@gomingo.com

Gomingo Support Team.

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