Top Tech Items To Attract Future Guests

Let’s face it, technology is growing at the speed of light and honestly, it’s giving us all severe whiplash. But, don’t panic, it’s normal to feel that way and you’re not alone.

Now, nobody wants to be behind the times…Questions like “How do I implement tech into my business?” are getting hopefully punched into google as a result. Fear not, hoteliers and hosts, we’ve selected the tech you need to be aware of right now and what tech is just around the corner.

From popular smart devices like Alexa, virtual reality that shows your property to potential guests and recognition tech that is out of this world; We’ll be looking into these wondrous technological advancements, why some will be vital for your future business as an accommodation owner, and how tech can make your accommodation not only trendy but smart.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

A technical term for smart devices

Hold on, what is a smart device?

Examples of smart devices are Alexa and Google Home (most famous) these devices essentially change how and when we use the internet and request information through the use of AI.

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Now, these devices have obvious proficiencies – being able to inform your guests of the weather before they set off on a day exploring, recommend things to do during the day or restaurants to eat at night. It could even order them an Uber to get there.

Statistically, 94% of businesses with smart products see positive ROI on their IoT investment. Could an Alexa in your rental help you with repeat business? The stats point to yes.

If you do have one in your rental or hotel or are thinking of getting one we’d highly recommend adapting your property descriptions on your websites and OTA’s to include this feature. These trendy items will help you attract tech-savvy guests and could be the difference in securing a booking.

Soon, we will be used to this tech in our homes, hotels and even places of work, so it’s a good idea to get ahead of the curve and take advantage of smart devices before they become commonplace.

Virtual Reality

Not just a gamers paradise

2D Videos are so yesterday. Showing off your property to potential guests has literally taken on a new dimension.

VR is an amazing way to provide guests with a taste of what it’s like to stay at your property or hotel. With this technology continuously growing in popularity it’s a good time to get ahead of the curve before virtual tours of hotels and holiday rentals are commonplace on websites and OTA’s.

A woman with a Virtual Reality headset sitting at her computer desk.
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This marketing hack can replace the overused 2D videos you find almost everywhere, with a more interactive entertaining method of simulating your guests stay. Ever heard of the ‘try before you buy’ method? This is literally it.

Check out this example from the Four Seasons presidential suite.

Recognition Technology

The stuff they use in spy movies

Remember walking into a hotel or a hostel and having to wait in a line for check-in? Yeah, those days are soon to be over.

Recognition technology is a sure-fire way to ensure guests get to their accommodation room without any hassle. Imagine popping up to a desk tapping your finger and that’s it.

Fingerprint analysis from recognition tech
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As you know, recognition technology and biometrics are used heavily at airports for security purposes. Albeit, imagine accommodation owners with the potential to change their check-in system with a facial or fingerprint analysis? This would not only heighten security at your property, but it would also mean guests can use their fingerprints or facial features to enter their room, buy food or even purchase souvenirs from within your accommodation and much more!

The Future…

What does the future hold for technology and its relationship with the accommodation and travel sector?

Are we moving towards full-tech check-ins, unmanned hotel desks? Will your expert knowledge as hoteliers and hosts be duped by Alexa’s suggestions and planning features?

It’s hard to predict. But, technology does hold great value in helping guest have a better experience at their hotel or rental. We predict that a delicate balance of the traditional and tech is 100% on the cards for the immediate future.

One thing is for sure, if a guest has a problem, they’ll be coming to you and not your Google Hub.

Thank you for reading our top tech picks! If you know of or are utilising andy tech in your accommodation that we haven’t mentioned above or have any futuristic predictions of what the future may hold, we’d love to hear from you – let us know in the comments.