6 Amazing Beaches Hardly Anyone’s Heard Of

Tired of the over-touristed-impossible-to-find-a-space-for-my-towel beaches? Us too. Wouldn’t it be helpful if someone clued you in on some amazing and secluded beaches that aren’t completely covered in tourists?

Look no further! We decided to share our knowledge of some of the world’s beaches hardly anyone knows about. From the gorgeous once-in-a-lifetime Bay of Wrecks in Kiribati to the exquisitely historical Blavand Beach in Denmark.

Intrigued? Read on Traveller…

Pink Sand Beach, Indonesia

There are actually dozens of hidden beaches in Indonesia, we settled for the Pink Sand Beach in Indonesia (pictured above) – a hidden wonder that shows us what beaches should be like – It’s an environmentalists dream-spot. You won’t see a spot of garbage nor will you see many people.

The aesthetic pink sand is created by microscopic organisms called Foraminifera which produce a red pigment of the coral reefs. When the small pieces of coral combine with white sand, it creates the soft pink tint, which is visible on the shore. It makes one of the most amazing natural backdrops around and one of the most Instagram ready. Hand your phone to your other half and get snapping.

The Bay of Wrecks, Kiribati

The bay of wrecks in Kiribati is a stunning bay stretching along the northeast coast of the Island.

Bay full of ship wrecks
The Bay Of Wrecks In Kiribati

The location is completely secluded, it’s one of the many gorgeous Islands in the pacific with no online reviews and barely any info at all. Which can only mean one thing… Low levels of tourism. Wahoo! This island is only really reachable from Fiji which is the only nearby island with regular flights. So, why go through all the effort?

This island is lined with an insane amount of shipwrecks sunk just off the beachfront. It honestly looks like a movie set! Rusty parts of history contrast fantastically with the turquoise shore.

Imagine sitting by the shore surrounded by shipwrecks and watching the sunset bounce off the Pacific Ocean? A truly unique travel experience bound to impress your friends.

Blavand Beach, Denmark

An untouched paradise on Denmark’s west coast, this natural beauty is home to multiple WWII relics, recreated into unique art pieces. As well as the Horns Reef which reaches about 40 km into the North Sea, almost forming a lagoon type pool of seawater.

Blavand Beach in Denmark, the image showcases the WW2 relic designed into a horse.
Blavand Beach in Denmark

The waves of the North Sea slowly and silently lap against the shore of snow-white sand and are perfectly broken up by the sculptures sticking out of the flat sandbed. It’s a wonder why so many skip this historical element for its busy counterpart Amager Beach Park.

A beach with viewable history and low levels of tourists. Sounds perfect right?

Playa De Gulpiyuri Beach, Spain

This beach isn’t really a beach, it’s a sinkhole that’s been flooded, basically. Don’t worry its a lot cooler than it sounds. This happy little natural accident is over 100 miles away from the closest sea, yet, you can still take a towel and go for a swim. Sited beneath craggy hills, this sinkhole beach is known for its diminutive size & rustic environs

A sinkhole turned into a beach, surrounded by rocks and sand.
Playa De Gulpiyuri in Spain

Considered one of the smallest, yet strangest beaches on this planet, Gulpiyuri Beach in Spain is surrounded by sand, at least 40 metres of it. With this being said, make sure you go during the high tide! Once low-tide starts to sink in, the sand & sea spot becomes a solitary sand situation.

Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica

Located within the Manuel Antonio National Park is this tranquil gem in Costa Rica known for its spectacular views. It is a 30-minute hike from the main entrance of the park, but, don’t let this put you off because the beach is worth the short trek.

Lush forestry surrounded by sand and sea
Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica

Many consider this exotic-spot as bio-diverse heaven, due to the array of exemplary wildlife, with just over 290 species living there. You could potentially see sloths, iguanas or monkeys, to name a few. You could even spot an endangered species such as the squirrel monkey! The beach is also perfect for many different water sports, like snorkelling or surfing.

Now, we’ll be honest. Sometimes this can get a little busy, so here’s a top tip. Most do the trek and turn off at the first available entrance. To beat the crowds, walk a little further to find new openings where most tourists don’t venture. Thank us later!

Benagil Sea Cave, West Algarve, Portugal.

Who says beaches have to be located outside? This hidden attraction is a cave beach and is definitely worth a visit.

A cave located in Portugal, the cave is essentially a beach location.
Benagil Sea Cave in Portugal

The potential bucket-list attraction is surrounded by golden sand and a salty azure sea. Named a natural wonder of the world due to its inspirational powers, it’s crystal clear to us why this destination should be a must-see on everyone’s list.

The only way to this beach is by boat, due to the strong currents. So if you’re planning on going to this astounding cave, which you should! Make sure you plan well in advance as you can’t just swim over to this natural beauty.

That concludes our list of hidden beaches around the world! Have you found your perfect beach on this list? Have you got any suggestions we may have missed? Let us know in the comments!