Thailand – A Beacon for Affordable Travel

Many attributes come to mind when thinking of Thailand as a travel destination.

Culturally and historically renowned, Thailand’s stunning visuals, scorching weather, cinematic beaches and the ever friendly Thai smile encapsulate this amazing destination as a favourite for travellers.

This is nothing new, The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s accurate campaign in 2013 “Amazing Thailand” sums it up aptly.

We’re here to talk about the price! Hearsay dictates that Thailand is one of the cheapest destinations in the world—Is this actually true? Even in 2018 the most expensive year for travelling…

Let’s start systematically…


Now, there is a mass of choice when it comes to flights! Not only is this a good indication of a deal to be found but also a recent increase in flights to Bangkok and the region, in general, open up the southern staples with a more direct path of travel.

With some expected searching around, you can certainly grab yourself a return form Bankok for under £420.

100% ‘Affordable’, supported by this dash of perspective. Flights to Ho Chi Minh City – £527, and Medan – £616… Both neighbours of the Thailand cities.

Now, for our speciality…


The simple answer is yes. In fact, at an overall average of £57 per night Thailand’s cities have the cheapest accommodation in the world.

Now, we’re not just talking about hostels for backpackers retiring from a Pad Thai fuelled day of searching for their spirit animal.

We’re talking about hotels, apartments and entire villas suiting everybody from inquisitive travellers, families and business bods.

Thailand boasts a huge variation in accommodation all of which is fantastically affordable.

Some examples? Look no further.

Bangkok, Thailands mecca is draped in culture, a dynamic city full of awe-inspiring sights and amazing grub. Whether you’re on a couples adventure, family expedition or just passing through for business this city has it all.

Although Hotels above 4* can be expensive (nothing compared to London or New York) the best value accommodation is apartment rentals, giving you the same luxury and twice the space for almost half the price. Certainly ‘affordable’, check out our selection below.

Bangkok Apartments £69 per night. 

Now lets venture to the ever popular southern beauties as a comparison.

Ko Samui, Hua Hin, Phuket and Krabi are stunning coastal areas with some of the most beautiful beaches imaginable… but what about the cost?

You can find a lovely room in a small boutique hotel with a beach view and great facilities for £36 per night, easy. From their your choice is endless, you can stay in amazing luxury villas and spas from £70 per night or a modest hostel from £20 per night…

Thailand Hotels, Spars & Villas from £36 per night

Not only are the prices extremely affordable, the amount of choice lets you really target what suist you best and focus your budget. Family retreat around the pool? Spend a little more on a 5*. Adventure trips around the islands? Spend less on a boutique.


Getting About

While a bus in Chiang Mai or the SkyTrain in Bangkok is very cheap (and a fixed price), taxis and especially tuk-tuks have been known to take advantage of travellers, sometimes charging 200-300 THB for a ride that should cost 50 or less.

But don’t worry the sharing economy has come to the rescue with all the cities in Thailand using Uber, you’re guaranteed a good rate.

Safe and affordable!

Food, Glorious Food

Thai food is amazing! But is it all cheap?

A true statement when it comes to street food and beverages, but surprisingly also for high-quality restaurant food, in the vast majority of cases. One possible exception is rooftop bars, such as Moon Bar at Banyan Tree Bangkok, where you can easily pay 2000 THB on appetizers and drinks for two people.

The quality of the food means (unless it’s your intention) you don’t have to eat fancy to experience its quality, street-level food is honestly amazing and extremely cheap.

Alcohol is another variable. Not in the sense that you can’t drink for cheap in Thailand—you can!—but because you get what you pay for. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is in the case of alcohol.

Be wary, it’s not worth ruining your couples retreat by swigging a booze bucket for pennies.

Thailand Top Tips

So we have come to the conclusion that Thailand is very cheap, not universally, you’ll still have to do some searching but it is fathomable and doable by all extents — especially by western-city standards.

The best times to travel are between the end of January and the beginning of March, the weather is hot but not unbearable and it’s the perfect time to book a trip away to shake those January blues.

Tours are an excellent way of getting around the cities and seeing all the sites in an organised and low-cost fashion, check out Tourradar for some good deals!

Make sure to check out all of our accommodation on and getting booking your more than affordable trip to the ever-beautiful Thailand.