Access Reservations

You can access your bookings directly via your Gomingo Dashboard by either clicking on Bookings shortcut or Reservations menu on the right as shown in the image below:


View Reservations

Once inside the menu, a list of Reservations will show. You will be able to search for Bookings by using search tools on the top of the page.

To open reservation and view more details, simply click on “Booking Reference” number:

From here you can also send a message to your Guest by clicking on “Message Guest

Inbox is where you can also open reservation and view details when clicked on Booking Reference.



The format is simple and easy to use, our integrated search means you can find messages faster. Gomingo is built around social profiling, so every user/host has a profile image and bio. All information is visible to each user, which can include company logo, their avatar image and details of communication.

Happy hosting with Gomingo!

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