Rate Policies and Payments

3-Universal Rate Policies

At Gomingo.com, we operate on 3 universal Rate Policies which are pre-set within the system. The user can select one of the policies for each accommodation type.

The 3 policies are as follow:

  • STRICT: commonly known as Non-Refundable 
  • MODERATE: 50% Refund 30 Days Prio Arrival
  • FLEXIBLE: commonly known as Refundable

When listing accommodation, users can choose under which of these policies they would like to operate the rate advertised on Gomingo.com website.

Gomingo Rate Policies

Prepaid Bookings Only 

At Gomingo.com we operate on a pre-paid booking policy. You will only receive confirmed reservations from us. No need to worry about processing payments, we have it all covered. We use stripe-connect to secure payments, which is empowered with some tough fraud prevention tools. This ensures that Gomingo always collects money from a Guest on the Host’s behalf and guarantees 100% confirmed bookings to the Hosts. No voids!

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What’s the business model?

We know some platforms have hidden charges and costs, so Gomingo operates under a  transparent pricing policy to avoid any confusion. When booking with our website guests see all the charges separately and know exactly what they are paying for. We collect a small fee from Guests, which is marked as Service Fee on our website, and it’s applied to gross Room Total amount. We also don’t believe that Hoteliers should be paying as much for reselling rooms on Other Travel Agency websites, in exchange for nothing more than just a reselling platform, so we slashed our commission to 15%, which is deducted when a Payout is initiated to a Host (deducted from gross Room Total amount).

Gomingo Business Model - Policies

Should you need any more information or have any questions, please contact our Gomingo Support Team – support@gomingo.com