Planning- Blocking Dates as Unavailable

Blocking dates as Unavailable in the Planning

Although our “Planning” feature was initially designed to serve as a Front desk solution for Hotels to in order to Add Reservations Manually, we understand that this feature had to be simplified in order to make it work for other users as well.

Gomingo Planning- Blocking Dates as UnavailableFollowing our customer’s feedback, we have improved this feature. It has been simplified allowing all users not only to add Manual Reservations (should they choose, by entering all Guest information) but also to simply BLOCK unavailable dates.

Users can still use this feature as a full functionality should they wish to add all guest information. To do so, you only need to click on + sign to show other fields.

Users who simply wish to block dates as ‘UNAVAILABLE’ can simply click and drag within the Planning calendar and save the pop-up window.

We would like to point out a few simple FAQs and TIPS:

  • BLOCKING DATES is done within PLANNING and not Calendar!
  • PLANNING FEATURE shows all reservations in one place. You can also open the booking form here by clicking on the booking. You don’t have to go to “Reservations” menu
  • TO UNBLOCK DATES or CANCEL the entry,  you can simply open the ‘Closed Manually’ record from ‘Planning’ and click on “CANCEL” button. This is the same flow if you were to cancel a ‘real’ booking. Block will be removed and dates unblocked making accommodation bookable again.
  • CALENDAR section located within ACCOMMODATION is only to enter the rates. Our team is looking into improving the Calendar feature in the nearer future. As soon as this is completed we will let you know.
  • RESERVATIONS– you will also be able to locate “Closed Manually” dates within Reservation menu. Each time dates are blocked- a record is created and placed within the ‘Reservations’ list. We have received feedback from our customers asking to remove these entries. So don’t worry, we are working on this too, and will let you know when improved.


You can see an improved Block Dates / Add Reservation feature in the image below. Simply log back into your account to see the changes.

Gomingo Planning- Blocking Dates as Unavailable

Besides the new-way our improved planning works, the layout of the original planning and features within stays the same:


Thank you for your feedback so far, we are working hard to address all of your needs as a host and hotelier. With our launch date approaching, we are keen to address all issues and improve our proficiencies further.

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