Planning and Adding Reservation Manually

Using Planning as Front Desk Solution & Adding Reservation Manually

Planning is where you can see all reservations in one place. From here you can also add reservations manually, as well as view all imported reservations if you imported iCalendar links to your accommodation on Gomingo via Calendar section:

Calendar View

Calendar view

Adding Reservation Manually

We have built Gomingo so that it serves as a front desk solution. Therefore you can also add reservations manually to your planning even if they don’t come directly from Gomingo. To do so, simply go to planning feature, click and drag on dates you require for the accommodation booking. A popup window will appear where you can add information about the reservation you wish to add.

Create Manual Booking

Create Manual Booking


NOTE: the following fields are mandatory when adding reservation manually: Guest First and Last Name, Email Address, you also must specify Number of Rooms this reservation is assigned to as well as Number of Guests. This is to ensure that reservation is assigned correctly to the inventory you have entered for specific accommodation when listing. It also allows you to apply larger bookings to multiple rooms at once when reservation is made under one guest’s name.


NOTE: if your iCalendar links were imported from other portals via Calendar tab, these reservations will also automatically be imported into planning and will appear and be displayed in colour applicable to the postal it was imported as a unique signature of the brand (i.e. Airbnb links will show in Airbnb brand colour (pink)).

Add iCalendar

Add iCalendar

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