Offers- Publish Your Accommodation On Home Page


You can access the ‘Offers’ menu through the left-hand side menu shown below. We encourage users to create offers, even if you intend to reduce your inventory price by a small amount. This will automatically feature your property on our home page.

Here you will be able to select from three simple pre-set universal offers which you will be able to publish in a few simple clicks. Simply select dates (from – to), select accommodation and room, then add a new rate (discounted rate) and click on save to publish. This will automatically publish the offer on our home page.

We present 3 universal offer types based on:

  • Last Minute This is perfect to reduce accommodation selling price if you have a lot of last-minute vacancies. 
  • Early Booked– It is commonly used to reduce the accommodation rate when you want to encourage users booking in advance at lower rates. So early book, pay less.
  • Hot Deals– We encourage using this offer type when users have new accommodation added and they want to sell instantly at low cost. But this is a perfect offer feature to use for any other promo that is not last minute discount or early booking. 

NOTE: We don’t yet allow to create offers by reducing amounts by percentage (%) but instead by amount only. Our team is working on improving this feature and we will let you know as soon as reducing room rates by percentage (%) is available.

Please feel free to leave your feedback and let us know if you would like this feature improved even more.

Gomingo Support Team