Kick the New Year Blues with Some January Sun

We all know what’s coming. The significant lull that hits you as hard as a New Years hangover but takes a lot more than a cup of coffee to get over.

We are of course referring to the January Blues…

The best way to drag yourself out of a month of continuous sighing? A holiday, of course.

Now we’re not going to funnel-feed you the standard January getaways. Tenerife is still there, it hasn’t moved.

The main travel trend in 2019 is avoiding the crowds. Skipping off the touristed path and onto something a little different and unknown.

If you’re looking for something less downtrodden for a January escape, somewhere unexpected, somewhere hot. Look no further.

First up!

Merida Mexico colonial house architecture

Merida  – Mexico

Mérida, the vibrant capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán, has a rich Mayan and colonial heritage. Mérida’s laid-back atmosphere highlights its obvious architectural aesthetics, this, combined with its peacefulness and stunning-intertwining-streets really give this original town its air of elegance.

Stunning food, architecture, tours and friendly locals are just a few of the reasons to visit this perfect little city. It’s a popular tourist destination but by no means trodden down.

This fresh destination has scorching 30°C heat in the January sun and you can book a gorgeous boutique hotel from £75 per night.

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Colombo Beach

Colombo – Sri Lanka

This capital city is usually ignored by visitors striving onwards to the beaches. Yet, this relatively unexplored city has a wealth of good food, beautiful sights and landmark colonial architecture. 

Colombo has a long history as a port on ancient east-west trade routes. Its city is an eclectic mix of high-rise modernism and colonial buildings. You can soak up some history, grab some good food and head to the beach to enjoy the highs of 31°C. Some major highlights are the cosmopolitan shopping districts and adorable cafes.

This city is great to just have a wander and see what you find, even this is complemented by the cities extending high-rise buildings and luxury hotels. It’s on its way up and you should visit before it gets too popular.

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Aerial shot of Table Mountain

Cape Town – South Africa

One of the beautiful things about Cape Town is there is something for everyone!

The youthful traveller can enjoy the sites, music culture and delve into the hipster scene which has spawned amazing hangouts, bars and eateries. For a family vacation, it’s perfect! All the sites are child-friendly and if you’re all tired from exploring you can visit and relax at one of the cities bays or beaches or just go out for some quality grub. Honestly, it’s harder to find bad food than good food here.

Apart from the flight out this place is super affordable. Gorgeous holiday rentals start from just £40 per night and the January sun is scorching!

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There you have it. Don’t follow the heard, jump the fence and find somewhere new to get rid of those January Blues. 

Have you found somewhere amazing for January heat that we may have missed? Get involved and let us know in the comments.