Jaipur – Experience Royal India on a Budget

Some of you may know Jaipur the ‘Pink City’ from India’s Golden Triangle… The world famous tourist circuit which connects the national capital Delhi with Agra and Jaipur.

You’re probably thinking why travel to Jaipur over Delhi, Agra or even Mumbai? Well, if you’re looking to experience India’s elite heritage, architecture and amazing tastes on a budget – Jaipur stands out above the rest.

Jaipur is often skipped from the Golden Circle route because its the last point of the triangle. There are loads to do in all three destinations and it can all get a bit tiring towards the end.

We’re going to show you why the ‘Pink City’ is unmissable and a great alternative to the circles better know cities.

Jaipur, Rthajstans capital is by far Indias most flamboyant city. It’s proudly chaotic centre is by no means dissimilar to other Golden Triangle cities, it’s just more concentrated. What makes Jaipur different is the islands of tranquil calm that evoke the splendours of its majestic past, a welcome escape from the fast-paced centre.

This close-up image of the windows or jharokhas of Hawa Mahal shows the immense talent of the Indian architects, masons, and craftsmen in the 18th.century.[/caption]

Things To Do

Hawa Mahal

First on the list is the gorgeous building pictured above. Hawa Mahal is a hive of pink standing 5 stories high and is by far Jaipur’s most famous attraction. It was constructed in 1799 by Maharaja Singh to enable ladies of the royal household to watch the life and processions of the city.

We also highly recommend visiting the equally impressive City Palace! You can purchase a ticket that gains you entrance to both the City Palace and the Hawa Mahal at a reduced cost.

Rajasthan landmark – Jal Mahal (Water Palace) on Man Sagar Lake in the evening in the twilight. Jaipur, Rajasthan, India[/caption]

Jal Mahal

This palace is found in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur city. Its one of the most magical sites this city has to offer. Highlighting the cities stand out attributes in one attraction, the famous and regal architecture is complemented by a still and tranquil Sagar Lake. A must visit, it’s as beautiful in the daytime as it is at night.

Places To Eat

Spinach Paneer from Peacock Rooftop Restaurant

Jaipur has many a class eaterie, with many restaurants combining the traditional Indian curries with Mughal influence and traditional old-style Muslim food such as kebabs and biryanis.

Many of the best restaurants are in Hotels, the best chefs and creations are snapped up and developed by the high levels of tourism. This means loads of spacious rooftop restaurants evoking impeccable service with a laidback atmosphere.

Here are a couple of our favourites that won’t break the bank

Peacock Rooftop Restaurant at Hotel Pearl Palace

This wonderful rooftop restaurant has been hailed for its service, value for money and amazing traditional cooking. The spacious rooftop is cosy and welcoming, the staff are on hand for your every need.

Apparently, the butter chicken is a must-have! Although we’d recommend getting as many platters and sharing as much as you can, the flavours are fantastic and the presentation is above and beyond.

Suvarna Mahal

This restaurant is designed like a royal palace it screams class and the service echoes this tremendously. Hailed as vegetarian-friendly with a vast array of delicious options to support this, Suvarna Mahal staff are attentive to any need and more than happy to help and engage with their guests.

This would be perfect for a date night or even a family meal. Make sure to get the starter platter and try their famous Dahi Kebabs. The average price is around £45 per head for a meal you won’t be forgetting in a hurry.


Accommodation in Jaipur is understandably very traditional, even when it comes to chain hotels and reputable brands they all have their own style personifying this cities royal heritage. Sounds expensive? Note the case, we’ll run you through our favourites all for under £60 per night.

Hotel Narain Niwas Palace Jaipur 

‘Niwas’ traditionally means home of the royals. This gorgeous hotel traditional decor seamlessly blends into its modern surroundings. The regal rooms will make you feel like a prince! The architecture and exquisitely decorated walls and ceilings are fully covered with frescoes and paintings echoing Jaipur’s royal past.

Rooms cost as little as £59 per night and every penny is well spent. Glowing reviews and an amazing staff means this hotel doesn’t just have a pretty face.

Park Regis Jaipur

Park Regis Jaipur presents its majestic architecture arrogantly, it’s clean and traditional styling shout loud against the backdrop of the Aravali Range – blending colonial and local styles perfectly. This 5-star “Havali” (meaning nobleman’s mansion) has an outdoor pool and beautifully landscaped gardens.

This Hotel is well located and a short ride away from all the major attractions. You can book this Hotel on Gomingo for just £50 per night, the cheapest 5* hotel in Jaipur.

Radisson Blu Hotel Jaipur Airport 

Located just south of the Pink City is the Radisson Blue Hotel, this hotel encompasses all the modern amenities you’d expect from the brand combined with a welcome mix of traditional styling and one amazing view from its rooftop pool and bar.

If you prefer to stick with the known brand when choosing your hotels then we’d recommend the Radisson, especially as prices start from just £45 per night.

There you have it! A wonderful regal influenced haven that’s as easy on the wallet as it is in the eyes.

Experienced anything we may have missed? Let others know in the comments.