This is your host inbox where you will receive all messages. You can stay in contact with your guests directly without any third-party involvement, giving you more control and saving you time.

You can access your inbox from a few places, including the main Dashboard where we placed Inbox shortcut as shown in the image below:

You can also access inbox by going directly into Inbox on your left-hand side menu when inside your Dashboard. Simply click on the ‘inbox’ icon to access your messages. From there on, you can open individual guest and host conversations and message your guests directly to further communicate their arrival times and other arrangements.

The format is simple and easy to use, our integrated search means you can find messages faster. Gomingo is built around social profiling, so every user/host has a profile image and bio. All information is visible to each user, which can include company logo, their avatar image, details of communication or reservation.

To reply to a message simply click on the “Subject” which will open the message.

We also place a shortcut to your inbox on the header of our site.

Enjoy our Extranet and happy hosting!

Gomingo Support Team