How To Ace Your Holiday with the Kids

Lots of people in this world have children. Fact.

An assumed majority of this populous will have to take their children with them on holiday. Some reluctantly, some emphatically. Regardless they gotta come and you’ve gotta make it work.

The last thing you want is to aim for a relaxing holiday only for it to become ironic due to extenuating circumstances aka children…

Children need to be entertained and you need to relax. An obvious contradiction I’m sure you’ll agree. How! I hear you cry, kneeled in front of your multiple browser tabs at 10 pm – impending doom closing in around you, the sheer thought of getting to the airport is fuelling your already overflowing anxiety! It’s all too much! *head explodes*

We get it…

This is where the Gomingo team come in. We’ve picked a few destinations that will infatuate and educate your children while also giving you, the unconditionally hard-working and loving parent the comfort of pure relaxation you oh-so deserve.

It’s all about matching the ingredients and we’ve got the recipe. Obviously, these aren’t the only destinations you could choose just a dash of inspiration for you to cook up your perfect family holiday. You can thank us later.

The Family Holiday Broth 

One big travel trend moving into 2019 is ‘historic travel’. This should be your starting point when choosing a destination. Try and stay away from the classics: Greece, Jordan, WW1 battlefields. Although historic and guaranteed to entertain your kids, they’re a bit bleak, tried and tested and usually involve trecking up a steep slope in silence.

Not really what we’re going for here. Keep it compact and keep it hot. We want to keep the kids entertained with something ‘actually’ interesting while giving you space and time to chill out, top up your tan and forget about your work inbox overflowing.

The Maldives 

Maldives Villa Gomingo
Maldives Villa

The Maldives is a perfect example of these ‘new type’ historic family destinations. These islands have a rich relatively unknown history you can explore with your children.

Ayy!? What is there to do apart from chill?

From stunning coral carvings to rare wildlife this destination is great for exploring over a small distance. It has amazing and interesting Museums on the main island of Male. Basically, all hotels have their own private beach where you can relax and sunbathe while the kids go snorkelling. The majority also have a wealth of experiences to book pre-visit so you can arrive knowing you got the ‘fun’ sorted.

We’d recommend getting a wildlife book and or underwater camera and challenging your children to see as many types of animal and fish as they can before the end of the holiday. They get to explore in safe proximity, learn about an unknown culture and wildlife while you and yours can relax in this beyond-beautiful setting. 

Everyones a winner!

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Cape Town – South Africa

Cape Town Guesthouse Gomingo
Cape Town Guesthouse

Cape Town is perfect for a first holiday with the kids. Not only is it small and compact, its easy to get around and there is plenty for them to see and learn. We recommend getting a family base from which to explore from. Either a central holiday home or one near the waterfront will do nicely. Most have a pool so you can happily spend a day basking in the sun and playing with the little ones.

What about getting out and about?

Book a safari experience to educate and wow the children, and indeed yourselves. A quick cable car up to the 8th natural wonder of the world Table Mountain is sure to put a smile on their faces. Challenge them to find the adorably cute Rock hyrax, a small rabbit looking creature that hides amongst the bushes on the top of the mountain. This will keep them entertained especially if they’re not going to be fans of looking over the edge. 

If you think they’re old enough to understand and digest we’d recommend teaching them about this city’s past, the apartheid. You can visit the District 6 Museum which is an amazing and emotional journey through this period of time. Bear in mind that I’m 25 and left crying, like really crying – its a sad past and maybe too much for the younger ones. If that’s not on the agenda then a trip to Simons Town to see the Penguins on the beach is bound to get them excited for an excursion. Rent a car, pack a lunch and you’ll have a great day out.

We’d stay away from Robben Island, its an absolute mission and the kids are bound to get a few moans in on the long boat ride over or even worse throw up while trying to. Bleurgghhh. No.

The best thing about Cape Town is that everything is good. The food is great, the locals are friendly and its all a short Uber ride away. Keep to the recipe and its bound to leave a good taste!

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Florence – Italy

Florence Italy Gomingo
Florence, Italy

Now, if the beach and villa setting isn’t for you. We’d recommend Florence as a great city break alternative. This romantic and stunning hub of the Renassaince is an amazing place to digest some art, culture and more importantly some amazing Tuscan cuisine. Yum.

Florence follows our theme of being a compact area. Remember the more time the kids spend in transit while travelling the more likely they’re to get agitated and subsequently look for an outlet! Luckily, that’s not the case here. Its narrow cobbled streets are like a maze, scoot around with the kids, grab a gelato with dad while mum checks out a boutique. Then, absorb some art from the museums brimming with paintings and sculptures by Botticelli, Michelangelo and others. They’ll be completely pooped by the end of the day. Leave them in the hotel room asleep while you and your other half taste the best carbonara to of ever existed. Perfection.

You can get this city done in a weekend if you want to stay in a central hotel or rental. Or, you can make it last a week by accommodating one of the many amazing holiday rentals just outside the city. They’re usually encapsulated by some sort of gorgeous town straight out of a Disney film, probably have a pool and the kids will love it.

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So, there you have it. 3 options to think about. Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to be more confident and creative when thinking about a holiday with the kids and show you that it doesn’t have to be all about them.

Have you mastered this already? Have any other suggestions of places to go or things to do? Let us know in the comments.