Host? or Guest?

Can I be a Host and Guest at the same time?…

You’re probably wondering if you can use the same Gomingo account to be a Host and Guest? The answer is YES!

The relationship between the two types of user accounts (Guest and Host) is always there. The Gomingo Host extranet is only dormant until you wake it by clicking Add Listing.

Being able to use the same extranet under one login credentials as a Guest and a Host means that you don’t need to create two individual accounts. Once you have started Listing accommodation the Gomingo system will automatically identify you as a Host and gives you access to a more advanced extranet allowing you full feature access.

You can then navigate between your Host and Guest accounts by simply switching between My Travel and Host Dashboard on top of the header menu:

Happy hosting with Gomingo! Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Gomingo Support Team.