Holiday with Your Mates? We’ve Got It Sorted

Group travel is on the up!

Many travelling demographics especially Millennials are championing the sharing economy by travelling and staying together, preferring to choose holiday rentals over hotels.

Whether you’re going on a large family holiday or part of a travelling-troop of mates you’re probably planning to stay together for your next escape.

Where did this trend come from?

Cost! Getting a large Villa in Bali and splitting the price between your mates is more often than not loads cheaper than separate rooms at the nearest Hilton. Stay together, save together.

Travellers, especially those geared towards experiences and adventures are more likely to book a rental-hub from which to mastermind and plan their daily group quests.

If you fall into the adventure seekers category and you’re looking for some inspiration for your galavanting-group then look no further. In this post, we’re going to match some amazing experiences in stunning destinations that won’t leave you strapped for cash. First up!

Bali Gomingo
Bali’s Iconic Rice Paddies

Bali Gardens

Adventure Time…

Bali is perfect for a group of explorers. Less active and more relaxed. First on your list should be to stroll through the iconic rice paddies, we’d recommend Tegalaland in Ubud. The scenery is awe-inspiring, active but not strenuous (depending on how far up the mountain you go), mainly because you’ll be stopping every five minutes to look at your mate and say ‘wow, what a view’.

An ever-popular activity to tick off the list has to be yoga. If you’re staying in a villa resort there will probably be one on your doorstep. For those of you staying in a rental; find your nearest yoga spot here. There is no better place to get all yoga’d up. Imagine performing your favourite pose with the sound of a waterfall in the background only to open your eyes to a view of the gorgeous rice fields up ahead. Bliss!

Other amazing adventures to experience include surfing, Bali has an ever-growing surf community and is a great spot to learn if you’ve never tried before. October and April are the best times to avoid the crowds. We’d also recommend visiting one of the famous coffee farms with many an organised tour to jump on. If you’re feeling fit and up for a challenge, you need to trek up Mount Batur for the sunset. Trust us, it’s incredible.

Group Accommodation

Thin Bali, think villa. The perfect group home. If you’re going for a yoga retreat chose a resort. You want the wellness factor on your doorstep and travelling can be tiresome and crowded on this heavily touristed island. For anything else split the cost of a villa between the gang and you’ll be surprised with what you can get for your dosh. Check out Gomingo’s selection of group travel stays here.

Mt Baker Gomingo
Mt Baker

Mt Baker Trek

Adventure time…

Travel to the US and Canada is high on the agenda for European travellers despite the political tensions surrounding travel. The US isn’t just city and beach breaks; adventure is found all over and if you’re into hiking this destination should be on your bucket list.

We’re going to suggest Washingtons snowcapped volcano, Mt Baker for inspiration. This glacier-ridden lump sitting between the US and Canada border is an activity haven; climbing, hiking, skiing and white-water rafting to name a few. The area is sensationally beautiful, its home to 10 permanent glaciers and the accommodation isn’t too shabby either.

Group Accommodation

Cabins! You’ve all seen them on Instagram; you know, the wooden ones with hot tubs and open fires. Split between a group or family they won’t break the bank. They’re also surrounded by small creeks and lakes which bring other active opportunities such as fishing and swimming in the summer months. Check out Gomingo’s selection of more than 50 incredible cabins in the Mt Baker area here.

Koh Samui Gomingo
Koh Samui

Koh Samui Marine Park

Adventure Time

There are loads of Thai areas that could have made this list, we’ve gone with Koh Samui. It’s the most active and in our view the most stunning. Let’s kick off with the big one, Angthong National Marine Park. You may recognise the scenery from the film ‘The Beach’ staring Dicaprio himself… and you’d be right. It was the inspiration for the book that was then made into the gritty-traveller film. Anyways, the boat tours are amazing, this park is highly protected due to its superior tropical beauty which thankfully means it’s not crowded. It’s hard to see all of the 42 islands and their associated caves, exotic wildlife and sea creatures in a day or two but travel from Smaui is easy so if you want to spend a few days here you definitely can.

Other explorations that are bound to get you up and out of bed in the morning are Koh Tao (turtle island), yup, you guessed it lots of turtles and great for scuba diving. The picturesque Na Muang waterfalls are always a hit with tourists and perfect to get a few pictures in the gram-bank.

Group Accommodations

Koh Samui is a villa haven, loads to choose from varying in price and size. Most resorts are a collection of large villas too so plenty of room for the gang. Check out our selection of villas and resorts on here.

Tel Aviv Gomingo
Tel Aviv Shopping

Tel Aviv the Vegan City

Adventure Time

Tel Aviv has always been known as a party city and the nightlife is an adventure in itself. It’s a youthful city ever-growing in popularity amongst travellers. But, what do you during the day when you’re not partying? Well, amongst many a historical attraction and bustling streets and flea markets Tel Aviv is dubbed the vegan capital of the world with over 400 class eateries and kitchens serving same-day fresh produce to its 200,000 vegan locals. High demand, high supply. Get your group round a big table and dig in!

We’d recommend Cafe Kaymak as a start, its one of the longest-running Vegan eateries and it’s been doing well for this long for a very good reason. If you prefer the hipster to the traditional then we recommend the coolest vegan-joint in town Bana.

Tel Aviv’s youthful and international inhabitance, Mediterranean climate and gorgeous scenery are all reasons why this destination has been dubbed party capital of the Middle East. It all starts at a beach bar beach just before sunset. Start there, get chatting and meet some new people. Tel Aviv nightlife is inviting, inclusive and diverse, so don’t be afraid to get stuck in.

You’ll most likely speak to like-minded people and find your own way around this cities crazy nightlife. If not, start off at Rothschild 12 on Rothschild Boulevard the runway of bars leading you into the cities clubs, the most famous being The Block. There are loads, too many to list, whatever music you and your group are into you’re bound to find a gig or club night to facilitate your party needs.

Group Accommodations

Tel Aviv is brimming with stylish apartments large enough to house a group of mates all in need of a hangover cure. Check out Gomingo’s selection of apartments here.

Thanks for reading and we hope we’ve filled you with inspiration for your next gang-get-away. If you have any great suggestions feel free to chuck them in the comments and share your travel knowledge.