Gomingo FAQ’s

Here you can find answers to our most asked questions. Can’t find the information you need? Get intouch with our support team – support@gomingo.com.

Can I change the name on my reservation?
When you have an account with Gomingo all bookings are associated with you profile so you cannot change the name on a reservation without changing the entire Gomingo Account Profile. If you need to attach a new name to your booking we suggest messaging your host to update them on the name change.
Can I make a booking for a check-in date of today?

Yes, you can! All bookings are immediately confirmed with Gomingo so there is no need to wait for approval of your booking. You can book on the same day with our site and start your holiday within minutes. However, we do recommend booking your accommodation earlier rather than later to ensure you have more choice and opportunity to find the perfect amenities and location for your desired holiday.

Can I request early check-in/late check-out?

For any special requests or specific questions about your stay, we recommend contacting your host via the messaging system built into your Gomingo account. All the details we have on any given accommodation are listed on the details page of the accommodation, but hosts are happy to answer any additional questions you might have out of those listed details.

Do I need an account to book? Why do I need an account to book?

When booking a hotel style accommodation you do not need to have an account to check out. Gomingo has the flexibility to book as a guest which means your only reference to your booking will be through the email confirmation. For the rest of our accommodations, you are required to have an account with us to book. This is for both your benefit and your hosts’. With an account, you will be able to reference any past, present and future bookings. More importantly, having an account allows you to communicate with your host and your host to communicate with you. Private apartments or villas don’t list their address as a safety measure so they will need to contact you via the Gomingo messaging platform to share the address and any instructions needed to access your accommodation. Therefore, we suggest that all guests booking through our site create an account.

Do you charge my credit card immediately upon confirmation?

Yes, we do! All bookings through Gomingo are confirmed immediately when a booking is made which means we take the full payment for your stay at the time you chose to book your accommodation.

Does the property need a deposit or payment in advance?

Deposits are managed individually by each of our hosts, we do not charge for deposits through Gomingo. This does not mean that some of our accommodations require a deposit as a part of your stay. Hosts will make note of a required deposit in the house rules or description of the accommodation found in the room details page. Typically, deposits will be taken at check-in from your hosts but if you have any questions about this we recommend contacting your host via the messaging system built into your Gomingo portal.

How can I add extra nights to my booking?

The simplest way to add extra nights to your booking is to create a new booking with your original dates. To ensure that you are given the same room for your additional nights we suggest messaging the host via our messaging system built into your Gomingo account to confirm that your exact room is available for the additional nights. If so, the host can assure that your room is held once your second booking is confirmed. You can also cancel your original booking if you prefer then re-book with the additional nights included. We suggest checking that your new dates are available before cancelling and releasing your original dates. When booking an entire home, villa or apartment you may simply book and pay for the additional nights on your own but we still suggest messaging the host so they are aware and do not think it is a double booking or glitch of some kind.

How can I cancel my booking?

To ensure a smooth and secure process, all cancellations must be processed through the Platform.

If you are a registered Guest, you can do so by logging into your account, by going to ‘My Travel’ page, select reservation by clicking on Booking Reference number, select “Cancel” reservation. If you are a Host you can access reservations and make any changes via the “Reservations” or “Support” pages by logging into your account via Dashboard.

Alternatively, if you wish to cancel a booking by speaking to a member of staff, please contact our customer support team: support@gomingo.com.

In accordance with the cancellation policy, cancellations are considered to be withdrawals before the planned check-in. Please note that a refund is only possible only if we receive your cancellation within 24 hours prior to checking in.

How can I place a special request or note?

Special notes or requests can be sent in the form of a direct message to your host via our messaging platform. You can only access this feature if you have an active account with Gomingo. From there you can make special requests, ask general questions or make notes that may be relevant to your stay.

How can I review an accommodation?

Reviewing your stay is simple with Gomingo. When you log into your Gomingo account visit your reservation summary via the ‘My Travel’ page. Once on the page, you will see a list of all your booking including a review button. By clicking there you can share your holiday experience with this specific accommodation which will then be displayed on the accommodation detail page for future guests to see when deciding where to book.

How can I see the price per night or booking total in a currency of my choice?

We offer 3 different currency conversions on our site, U.S. Dollar, Euro and British Pound Sterling. To see your booking price in one of these currencies simply click on the currency drop down in the top right-hand side of the top header on the site. By doing so you will see all prices, including the final total of your booking, in your desired currency.

How do I check the availability of a room?

If you are booking an apartment, villa or entire home you will be able to see the availability of the accommodation from the calendar when looking for dates to book. If a specific date is not available the date on the calendar will be greyed out with a blocked icon showing when you hover over the date. This functionality allows you to quickly reference which dates are available for this accommodation.

If you are booking a hotel, BnB or any accommodation within a multi-room property you will be able to check availability via the availability button found on the price and stay widget within the accommodation page. You can select your desired date range via the calendar, then select the check availability button before you add the number of rooms you want to book. The site will notify you if these dates are not available with a message. If a room is available our platform will show you the price of the entire stay and allow you to add this booking to your cart. If you have any questions or issues finding available dates for any accommodation- reach out to Gomingo support directly for additional help.

How do I find out if a hotel allows pets?

When searching for accommodation finding out the pet policy is simple. When on the room details page you can find a specific icon in regards to this under the policy category, right above the map feature at the bottom of the page.

How do I find out if a hotel has a certain facility, e.g. a lift?

For more specifics about your desired accommodation check out the room details. When clicking on an apartment or specific room type (i.e Deluxe Double or King Suite) you will be directed to a page that includes details like amenities, policies, safety and access. The access category includes information icons on the accessibility of that particular hotel, apartment or villa. That is where you would find information on a Lift/Elevator or wheelchair accessibility.

How do I report an Issue with my accommodation?

If you have arrived at your accommodation and find that the accommodation you booked looks nothing like the photos posted on our site, the accommodation is extremely dirty or accessibility that was marketed isn’t available, please contact Gomingo Support immediately via email at support@gomingo.com. Your best course of action is to document any of these issues with photos (if possible) so that action can be taken on your behalf which typically results in a refund.

If you cannot stay in the accommodation you booked due to these unforeseen issues please provide evidence of any new accommodation bookings with a picture or receipt of your new confirmation along with photo evidence of said accommodation so the Gomingo team can confirm that you did not end up using the room booked through the Gomingo platform.

If you arrive at your hotel and your room isn’t held for any reason or you do not feel that the accommodation is as marketed and therefore are not comfortable staying there – we suggest you work with the hotel directly to book another room for equal or lesser value. Then update the Gomingo support team via email. If you find alternative accommodation on your own, email us a record of this accommodation so we can start the process of refunding you while you continue your holiday. Due to time differences and other factors, we recommend sourcing alternative accommodation on your own in the location of your holiday, then work with us to correct any wrongs.

Please note that in these instances the Gomingo Team will be re-evaluating our partners that cause the above action to be necessary and will work to support you the best we can.

Per our terms and privacy agreement, all issues must be reported immediately. We understand that there could be difficulties accessing Wi-Fi so there is a short period of time after check-out that you can still report issues and be eligible for a refund. Please see our terms and privacy for more information on this.

I can’t find my confirmation email, what do I do?

Don’t fret! Simply email Gomingo support at support@gomingo.com with your first and last name as well as the date you booked your accommodation and we can re-send your confirmation to you. If you have an account with us you can also reference your ‘ My Travel ‘ page for details on your confirmed booking.

I want to change my booking dates. How can I do this?

Due to all of our bookings being confirmed and paid in full at the time of the booking you are not able to change your booking dates, however we have some simple solutions for you. You can message the host explaining your situation and they can cancel your booking then manually re-book for your new dates via our platform, assuming it is all the same price. If not then you can simply cancel your booking via the My Travel page and re-book for your new dates. We suggest checking that your new dates are available before cancelling and releasing your original dates. If you have any issues or questions about this process please contact Gomingo Support at support@goming.com, we are happy to help.

I will be arriving earlier/later than the stated check-in time. Can I still check-in?

This is at the discretion of the host. Our hosts list if there are any extra charges for late or early check-ins on their room or accommodation details page. If your flight is delayed or you have any other issues we suggest contacting your host via our messaging system in your Gomingo account so that your booking is not released.

Where can I check my booking details?

When you successfully book with Gomingo you will receive a confirmation email with details of your booking, including the total and reference number. If you checkout as a guest this will be the only record of your booking with Gomingo. If you have created an account with us you can reference all past, future and cancelled bookings on your ‘My Travel’ page. From there you can review all of your booking details, visit the hotel page or message your host with any inquiries.

Where can I find the cancellation policy?
  • The Cancellation policy for a specific Hotel, Apartment, Villa or Treehouse is listed in the accommodation details page under the amenities. All of our accommodation fall under one of the 3 standard cancellation policies we offer. They are:
    • FLEXIBLE– Free Cancelation. The total amount less “Service Fee”.
    • MODERATE– 50% refund 30 days prior to check-in less “Service Fee”.
    • STRICT– Non-Refundable
  • For more information on our cancellation policies check out our Term & Privacy
  • https://gomingo-beta.azurewebsites.net/help/terms-and-conditions
Will I be charged if I cancel my booking?

There could be a charge for cancellations based on the cancellation policy selected by the host. The amount refunded to the Host is dependent on: when a booking is cancelled, the cancellation policy chosen by the Host, and/or imposed by Gomingo. Please note that the Gomingo “Service Fee” is Non-Refundable. Only the “Cleaning Fee” is refundable if the Guest did not check in.

In the case of a cancellation by the Host, the Guest will be reimbursed the full price of the booking. In such cases, the Guest will incur no cancellation fees.

If you are not sure and want some guidance with cancelling a booking so you can avoid any possible charges please contact support at support@gomingo.com.