Gomingo Gives the Host Control

Gomingo set out to change the way we book hotels and apartments online with one key mission in mind. Centralise booking-necessities into a simple, easy-to-control platform that includes everything you as the hotelier need and nothing you don’t.

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How can Gomingo do this? And more importantly, how does this save hoteliers time and money?

Software used in the hospitality industry is complex, unattractive and time-consuming. When listing with our competitors you the host have to pay for the 3rd party solutions such as payment processing and channel management. Gomingo condenses and includes these tasks through our all-in-one platform. Your payments, financials, planning and staff management are all contained in our accessible and free-flowing platform. Meaning you can access all your business data in one place.

Gomingo Dashboard View Home

Gomingo Dashboard View Home

Hotel platforms such as Expedia and Booking.com charge hotels anything up to 35% for being, in essence, an inventory platform, nothing more. Gomingo’s platform eliminates the need for a channel manager and the associated cost, Gomingo only charges you 15%, half of what you would be charged by other more complicated platforms. Sign-up is 100% free too, no hidden charges anywhere.

With our integrated platform, you only get 100% confirmed bookings, no voids. We’ve eliminated the third-party influence so you can have better control over your bookings subsequently giving you more control of your finances and forecast.

Gomingo Reservation Dashboard

Gomingo Reservation Dashboard

Gomingo is socially capable, meaning you the hotelier can use our built-in messaging system to stay in contact with your guests and subsequently advance relationships beyond the end of their stay. Assign your staff user profiles so they can help manage the workload. No other travel site has this function, we understand how long-winded the process can be so we’ve gifted you this tool to help manage everything.

Gomingo also leaves you in control of your profile’s content, you can customise your online front desk to suit you. With our strict no adverts policy, we have created a socially influenced marketplace meaning your potential guest aren’t going to be put off or distracted by sub-offer after sub-offer their search will bring them straight to you and your humanised social profile.

Gomingos powerful social aspects teamed with our click-click-book system make the user journey easier and more personal, increasing the likelihood of a booking for both parties. We’re here to give you control!

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