GOMINGO Has Launched – Get The Most From Your Online Hotel & Holiday Rentals

Let’s jump right to it…

What is Gomingo exactly?

The Gomingo website is an online hotel and holiday rental booking platform.

Founded in London in 2016 with the simple idea of creating an accommodation platform which is intuitive, accessible, offering choice and price consciousness. Gomingo works directly with hotels, apartments, villas and other lodgings; for leisure and business travellers.

We want to hand control and added value back to the host while making the experience of booking online smooth and enjoyable for the guests. Gomingo achieves this and more through our specifically designed easy-to-navigate, bespoke online platform.

We know, we know, there are already sites like Booking.com, Expedia and Airbnb! Who, as many of you know predominantly monopolise the market, but we hope to change this.

How Is Gomingo Any Different?

Our state of the art platform enables us to condense the sign-up process to a five-minute task with minimal hassle. Unlike other booking sites where you have to submit a contract and pay a fee, Gomingo sign-up is 100% free with no hidden charges. All you need is your information and a few lovely photos to get started, your accommodation and profile will be live in no time at all!

Gomingo’s easy to navigate dashboard gives you complete control of your listings, rates and content. Enabling you the hotelier to create offers with our simple pre-set tools. Include additional team members to help manage your listings and only receive 100% confirmed bookings through our payment system. Which works under a pre-paid booking model, no voids!

We know that price and presentation are two key elements when it comes to deciding where to book and stay. When it comes to design, we tailored our platform so that it represents content and images well. When our hosts create an account they are prompted to complete information on both Host and Hotel profiles; we call it ‘social profiling’. When guests book on our website, that extra information helps them understand and decide where they are staying and who their host is.

How Much Will I Be Charged?

Gomingo has the lowest (OTA) commission on the market at 10%! We want to show our competitors that the platform you use can be better and the rates you’re charged can be cheaper.

When it comes to price, we design and developed Gomingo.com on the foundation of transparent pricing and aim to become the lowest-commission-OTA helping hosts to drive their listed accommodation prices down, making their accommodation more affordable. Not to mention clearly explaining our business model and commission on our website through our Terms and Conditions.

If that wasn’t enough, we also built our “extra-charges” feature with parity-rate in mind, thus allowing the user to make any additional charges visible, as well as optional or included, giving customers a choice.

Gomingo is also running a promotional offer! We won’t charge you a penny for your first 6-months of bookings, this offer isn’t active until you get your first booking through our site. We want to create a trusted marketplace and the only way we can do that is to get you guys to prefer using our platform and trust Gomingo.

We want our hosts to test us out for free so we can prove to you that using our platform is easier and will save you money immediately!

What about visibility?

Gomingo does things differently, instead of charging you for visibility we charge you less commission. So, to get your accommodation on our homepage all you need to do is lower the price (if you want). This way you can make more money than other sites by keeping your rates universal, or you can lower your rates on Gomingo to increase home page visibility (still make more money). Simple.

We also encourage Hosts to use our “offers” feature within their dashboard, which enables them to publish their listing on the Gomingo homepage – completely free. And there is no particular preference or priority how they’re being published, unlike other sites we don’t ask you to pay more for visibility, we ask you to charge less.


Gomingo Dashboard

Gomingo Dashboard

What’s in it for the customer then?

They’re important too!

The customer journey on most booking platforms usually consists of a cluttered website with more adverts, offers and sub-journeys than you can shake a stick at. Our simple clean design, strict no-advert-policy and user-generated content make finding your next destination easy and enjoyable. Through our platform being more socially capable than other booking sites it offers a more humanised experience, nothing flashing and no pop-ups just great hotels and destinations!

Customers can use filters to narrow their search, or those feeling ‘lucky’, can simply hit our Destinations page on the bottom of our website, which works as a filter for our top destinations.

Unlike other booking platforms littered with ads and sub offers, Gomingo’s Homepage is tailored to travellers looking for great prices with no distractions curving attention away from our accommodation.

Lower commission for the Hosts enables lower accommodation costs on our website for Guests; so it’s a win-win for both parties.

Gomingo customers can only leave reviews for their confirmed bookings. Only confirmed bookings mean only real reviews. This compliments our online community with genuine reviews and content.

The Gomingo platform is tailored for individual travellers, or can also be used by travel agencies and corporate organisations. Multiple bookings at once are allowed and are kept under one account.

Both Host and Guest can compliment their profiles with images and bio. Helping build a trusted community so users can easily identify each other and be recognised by guests.

Gomingo Beta View

Gomingo Beta View

Gomingo has now officially launched!

Join the hundreds of users already signed up!

We accept all types of accommodation, hotels, apartments, villas, B&B’s and even the odd castle or two.


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