Listing Check-List

In this post, we’ll run you through our check-list to make sure you have an attractive and bookable accommodation listing on

Is your accommodation optimised? Not sure?

Have a quick run-through of our 4 easy steps below to make sure your account is fully optimised to increase the likelihood of bookings from our platform.

Step 1 – Assign an experience category…

You may have seen our new search function on the homepage. This enables guests to search by the travel experience they expect to have on their trip. It’s a unique way to search for accommodation while following the major travel trend of 2018/19 in which travellers are putting experience before anything else when deciding where to stay.

This gives you the Host the extra advantage of being able to categorise your accommodation under one of our pre-set experiences. Simply log in to your dashboard, head over to the amenities tab and assign up to 3 categories to your accommodation. For example, if you have a Yoga Resort in Thailand you’d probably assign the categories Luxury, Beach & Sun and Health & Wellness as they would best match the experience your guest is going to have on their trip.

By selecting these categories in your dashboard you are making sure that when a guest uses our experience search your accommodation will be visible in the search result slider and associated search page.

You can log in to your account and assign your accommodation experience categories now!

Step 2 – Avoid double bookings…

Until Gomingo’s development team has a fully integrated Channel Manager connectivity, we thought we’d give you a few tips and FAQ’s so you can avoid ‘Double Bookings’ on our platform.

Regular Updates

Regularly update and cross-reference your planning page within the Gomingo extranet to your calendar or your channel manager portal. Our extranet does not communicate with a channel manager meaning regular manual updates are needed.


If you have an apartment or villa you can connect your i-calendar into the Gomingo calendar under the ‘accommodation details’ page.

All Up-To-Date

An easy way to help keep your Gomingo portal up-to-date is through utilising bookings on other portals. Every time you get a booking through another site go in and update your planning on Gomingo to block off these dates.

Stop-Sale Feature

The stop-sale feature is unique to and allows you to take your room offline with a single click of the ‘unlist’ button. When you don’t have the time to update the planning feature or would like to take a room offline for maintenance use the unlist button to make the room an unavailable option for guests. This a unique feature to our site that other OTA’s don’t offer, its a fast and easy way to limit double bookings for accommodations.

Step 3 – Check your listing content…

There are a few key ingredients for whipping up standout content for your accommodation listing.

You need an engaging listing description, some super lovely photos, an injection of personality and of course highlight your accommodations unique selling points.

Have a read of these articles which will give you a deeper dive into cooking up irresistible content guaranteed to improve the likelihood of bookings.

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Step 4 – Update your Payout Information

It’s important that you have your payout information set up with the correct details. We don’t want you to miss out on getting paid for your bookings and we’re sure you don’t either.

Simply head over to your dashboard and look for the ‘Master Payout Details’ tab on the bottom of the left-hand side menu. Click, update and get paid…

There you have it! Your account is officially optimised you can sit back, relax and wait for the bookings to flow in.

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Do some research and see what similar accommodations are doing with their listings, get creative and shake up that old listing description.

Got any awesome listing tips and tricks you’d like to share? Chuck them in the comments and help out the community!

Need some more info? Please contact our support team on if you have any questions regarding the set up of your account. A dedicated team member will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Happy hosting!