Gomingo.com New Features, Bug Fixes & Updates

Gomingo as many of you know is constantly working in the background to improve our user experience and digital facilities.

We’ve made some important changes over the last couple of weeks and thought we’d let you know what’s new and what’s been improved.

Bug Fixes

Entering and Updating Rates in Calendar
We have had some issues when users enter rates in the calendar function, it would re-load your dashboard inside a pop-up window instead of saving your rate and date change.

This has now been fixed and all users can comfortably enter rates without any loading issues.

Hotel Profile: Reorganising Images
Users were only able to use our “click-and-drag” image reorganising feature when editing rooms only. This feature is now also available for general Hotel Profiles as well. Please note, the first image you choose will be your hotel cover image.

Support Ticket Detail
We had a small issue that affected a few users when sending Support Tickets via our system, we only received the title message and not the associated text.

This feature has been rectified and the problem solved. We apologise to any guests who experienced this bug and any inconvenience caused by it. The feature is now fixed and ready to use and we’re always on hand to help.

Improvements & Advancements

Travel Interface
We have improved our Hotelier Extranet to allow Travel Agencies to list multiple properties under one name (user account) on our system. This will also benefit users who have multiple accommodation or hotels listed with us as you can now house all of them under one user account and email.

Add Reservations Email
We have added an additional email address field when registering a Hotel, uniquely to receive booking and reservation emails. We understand that the email you register your Hotel/ Accommodation with may not be the one you wish to receive reservation confirmation to, for this reason, we now allow you to add a specific ‘reservations’ email.

List/Unlist Toggle Colour
As many of you will know we try to make our system as user-friendly as possible. We have updated your ‘list/Unlist’ button which allows you to go live with your accommodation at the flick of a switch. So that users can easier understand when a hotel is online and when offline we have added colour to the button, Green = Online, Red = Offline. We hope this makes it clearer for our Hosts when switching on and off.


Extra Charges Feature
To ensure that Hoteliers and Hosts can maintain the consistency of their accommodation on the Gomingo.com platform, we have built the Extra Charges feature to be completely flexible. So you, Hoteliers and Hosts, can now build your own charges such as Extra Bed, City Tax, Daily Housekeeping and anything else. You can then select how each charge should apply: per night, per stay, per person per stay etc. Please have a read of our blog which will explain the process to make sure you can use this feature effectively

Blocking Calendar Dates
Planning is where you can see all reservations in one place. From here you can also add reservations manually, block out dates and view all imported reservations. Please have a read of our dedicated blog which will walk you through all the processes mentioned in detail. 

What’s Next

As we have expanded beyond our expectations and due to feedback from our international hosts, we are proud to announce our ‘Currency and Language Feature’. This feature will be available and live sometime this month (May/18). This will enable Hosts and Guests from across the globe to use Gomingo effectively in their own language and currency.

We will send an email out to all Hosts on the day of its implementation to notify you of the switch over.

As a company, Gomingo has had a large amount of interest from Travel Agency and Travel Professionals, due to this we have completed our TA Extranet integration and will introduce a TA dedicated page to our website soon to explain the advantages of working with Gomingo as TA selling multiple accommodations under one company profile.

We hope you are as excited as we are for our advancements and what these will mean for the company as a whole looking toward the future.

If you have any questions concerning any of the points mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the usual place support@gomingo.com

Thanks again to all our Hosts for their feedback and patience, it’s very appreciated and we wanted to take the time to tell you that we wouldn’t be here without your support and belief in Gomingo.