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Adding Extra Charges 

Gomingo is always looking for ways to improve our platform. Following some recent feedback from our customers, we have addressed the issue about Extra Charges, and our team has immediately improved the Gomingo extranet by adding an additional module called Extra Charges, which is now positioned within Accommodation > Rooms / ApartmentsExtra Charges, thus enabling hoteliers to have a more advanced tool to charge for extras. See image below to see where this new exciting feature is positioned:

To ensure that Hoteliers and Hosts can maintain the consistency of their accommodation on the Gomingo.com platform, we have built the Extra Charges feature to be completely flexible. So you, Hoteliers and Hosts, can now build your own charges such as Extra Bed, City Tax, Daily Housekeeping and anything else. You can then select how each charge should apply: per night, per stay, per person per stay etc.

As you can see in two images above,  adding extras or deleting them is super simple. We hope that you like this approach. And if we missed anything else- then do get in touch and let us know.

We haven’t just improved this function for hoteliers, we have also found a way of making these feature more accessible to Guests too. Hence, when you are creating these ‘extras’, you have a choice of making them “Optional“. If you tick the ‘optional’ box when creating extras, you physically enable guests to select whether they want this extra added to their stay when making the reservation on Gomingo.com. This works perfectly if you offer items like Breakfast, Daily Housekeeping, Airport PickUp etc.

We believe by taking this approach, we are making the Gomingo.com platform more capable for Hoteliers,  as well as more transparent for Guests booking on our site. We hope this prevents transparent-pricing issues and any misunderstanding when booking accommodation.

The image below shows how this feature translates into the Guest’s experience when booking with Extra Charges.


  • You are responsible for collecting and paying taxes if your rental is in an area where we are not required to do so on your behalf.
  • Extra Charges are the charges that you require from everyone who rents your accommodation (e.g. a cleaning fee). Travellers see these as part of their booking costs.

If you have any questions or need further information please drop us a message in the comment section below, or you can contact us at support@gomingo.com.

Enjoy hosting with Gomingo!

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