Entering / Updating Rates

Updating Room Rates in Gomingo Calendar

Gomingo Calendar is completely interactive and it’s much easier to use than you’d think!

To add a new room rate go to your Calendar, using your mouse click and drag over desired dates in the calendar layout:

Updating Room Rates in Gomingo Calendar

Apply a new room rate in the popup; feel free to change From To dates if you wish to apply  a different room rate for different dates or a longer period:

Updating Room Rates in Gomingo Calendar

You can also scroll back and forth to other calendar months, or/and simply click on the “Today” button to navigate instantly to the current month.

And if updating your room rates that wasn’t simple enough, please feel free to suggest alterations and improvements, we value your opinion and strive to improve our service where possible.

Happy hosting with Gomingo!

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