Business Model & Process

How does it actually work?

How do we do business? Part of our mission is to be as transparent as possible so every Guest and Host know exactly what we do. So, here is our business model and process flow.

Using’s website as a host or guest (or both) is really simple. We pride ourselves on our extranet platform, the technology behind Gomingo. The aim of this article is to explain in a few simple steps what the process is.


What’s the business model?

We know some platforms have hidden charges and costs, so Gomingo operates under a transparent pricing policy to avoid any confusion over the cost. When booking with our website guests see all charges separately and know exactly what they are paying for. We collect a small fee from Guests, which is marked as Service Fee on our website, and it’s applied to the gross Room Total amount.

We also don’t believe that Hoteliers should be paying as much for reselling rooms on Other Travel Agency websites, in exchange for nothing more than just a reselling platform, so we slashed our commission to 15%, which is deducted when a Payout is initiated to a Host (deducted from gross Room Total amount).

Let’s go over this together again?

There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours on OTA’s trying to list and update your hotel and room information.

We believe that hoteliers should spend their valuable time Hosting and actually providing the best customer service to their Guests. So we built as a one-stop easy-to-use portal. It will only take you a minute to sign up and activate your account, and anything from 5-10 min to get online and start selling. Here is a little bit more about the process.

Thank you for being a part of the Gomingo team.

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