Avoid Double Bookings

The phrase ‘Double Booking’ can keep Hoteliers up at night.

Every Hotelier or Holiday Rental owner organises their room and rates across multiple websites differently, most using the Channel Manager solution.

Until Gomingo’s development team has a fully integrated Channel Manager connectivity (in the pipeline), we thought we’d give you a few tips and FAQ’s so you can avoid ‘Double Bookings’ on our platform.

Regular Updates

Regularly update and cross-reference your planning page within the Gomingo extranet to your calendar or your channel manager portal. Our extranet does not communicate with a channel manager meaning regular manual updates are needed.


If you have an apartment or villa you can connect your i-calendar into the Gomingo calendar under the ‘accommodation details’ page.

All Up-To-Date

An easy way to help keep your Gomingo portal up-to-date is through utilising bookings on other portals. Every time you get a booking through another site go in and update your planning on Gomingo to block off these dates.

Stop Sale Feature

The stop sale feature is unique to Gomingo.com and allows you to take your room offline with a single click of the ‘unlist’ button. When you don’t have the time to update the planning feature or would like to take a room offline for maintenance use the unlist button to make the room an unavailable option for guests. This a unique feature to our site that other OTA’s don’t offer, its a fast and easy way to limit double bookings for accommodations.

Consistency Is Key

Make sure the inventory on our site matches other websites inventory to avoid any confusion. For example, if you have 1-king and 3-queens listed elsewhere, mirror the same inventory with the same room types/descriptive words/ images so when a room is booked you can quickly block off the corresponding dates in your gomingo planning feature.

Don’t Get Caught Out

Make sure you’re keeping the rates up-to-date and correct so that one room isn’t booked multiple times due to the fact that it was abnormally low.

Don’t be afraid of Double Bookings. Be organised.

If you have any other tips or tricks please leave them in the comments so they can be utilised by other Hosts.

Thank you & happy hosting!