Allotment and Inventory Control

What is Allotment?

Allotments (in the tourism industry) are used to designate a certain block of pre-negotiated hotel rooms which have been bought out and held by a travel organiser with a huge buying power like a wholesaler, OTA, tour operator or hotel consolidator. An allotment can be purchased for a specific period of time such as a whole season, part of a season or for any single dates and then sold to travel partners and final customers around the globe. A couple of days prior to hotel check-in any unsold rooms may be released back to the supplier if such an agreement exists between the two parties. Tour operators obtain discounts, through allotment or commitment contracts, primarily depend on the firm size and the bargaining power exercised and can vary from 10-50% according to the period of the year, the destination, the quantity and quality of services contracted upon.


Allotment / Inventory on Gomingo Extranet

If you work under allotment terms with any operators, travel partners or OTAs, rest assured that allotment can be flexibly managed via the Gomingo extranet, and it is simple and quick. Below in this article, we will explain about efficient ways to manage room rates and room inventory/allotment.

Although Gomingo is yet to be a static platform and as a simple PMS does not support inventory and rate e-distribution via reservation systems like GDS (Global Distribution System) or CM (Channel Manager); when building Gomingo we wanted to ensure that our extranet is designed to handle simple stop-sell and inventory adjustment tasks giving hotel 100% control to the information management. Our innovative extranet control tools such as List/Unlist button, Planning and Number of Rooms adjustment- are one of the few simple ways to stop-sell and adjust inventory simultaneously, and all it takes is a few clicks. Here is how you can make the most of these features:


Completely Stop-Sell >  Unlist Room Type

The easiest way to stop-sell is by completely unlisting your Room Type. In your Gomingo extranet go to Accommodation > Rooms > click on ‘Listed’ button to change it to ‘Unlisted



Adjust Number of Rooms to Sell >  Add or Delete rooms within Room Type

Another way is by adjusting the number of rooms that you’re selling within the Room Type. Depending on whether you’re increasing the number of rooms or decreasing, follow these steps: ADD MORE ROOMS: Accommodation > Rooms > Number of Rooms (from your Room Type list click on the number) > New Room. REDUCE NUMBER OF ROOMSAccommodation > Rooms > Number of Rooms (from your Room Type list click on the number) > Delete



Close off dates  >  via Planning

You can also reduce the number of rooms for the desired room type or date range via the Planning feature. To do this, go to your: Planning > click and dag on top of the Room Type where you can see number of rooms available for that room type> Popup window will appear (where you can still adjust the date range) > click on + button to expand > in the field below, called Number of Rooms, and the maximum number of rooms you see on top of the planning for this room type and click on > Save.

NOTE: Should you close rooms using the Planning feature, a record in your Reservations menu is also created called “Manually Closed“. If you delete such record/block – it will release closed dates and make room type bookable on Gomingo. In order to delete this record and OPEN dates to sell again, go into the “Manually Closed” reservation either directly via the Planning or Reservations menu, open the record/Reservation # and click on Cancel.  This is also shown in the image below:



Gomingo extranet is a user-friendly system and can increase dramatically the hotel’s capacity to handle travel agents and/or corporate clients, and it allows a hotel to make considerable savings in distribution system expenses.

Thank you for your feedback so far, we are working hard to address all of your needs as a host and hotelier. With our launch date approaching, we are keen to address all issues and improve our proficiencies further.

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