About Gomingo

Gomingo is an online hotel booking service with a difference. Gomingo was founded in London in 2016 with the simple idea of creating an accommodation platform which is intuitive, accessible, offering choice and price consciousness.

We want to hand control and added value back to the hotelier while making the experience of booking online smooth and enjoyable for the customer. Gomingo achieves this and more through our specifically designed easy-to-navigate online platform.

Other OTA’s charge you up to 30% on bookings and tie you down with contracts meaning you can’t escape their high prices.

We only charge 10% and don’t believe in contracts. We charge you less so you can earn more from your bookings through us and in return, the customer still gets a cheaper price. Through this key feature, we hope to shake up the hotel industry and create a trusted marketplace.

Our platform is made specifically to include hotels as well as holiday rentals, independents, resorts and B&B’s… Oh, and the odd castle or two.

How does this make Gomingo different to other top booking sites?

Our state of the art platform enables us to condense the sign-up process to a five-minute task with minimal hassle. Unlike other booking sites where you have to sign/ commit to a contract or pay a fee, Gomingo sign-up is 100% free with no hidden charges.

Our easy to navigate dashboard gifts you complete control of your listings, rates and content. Enabling you the hotelier to create offers with our simple pre-set tools, include additional team members to help manage your listings and only receive 100% confirmed bookings through our payment system. No voids!

 What’s in it for the customers?

The customer journey on most booking platforms usually consists of a cluttered website with more adverts, offers and sub-journeys than you can shake a stick at. Our simple clean design, strict no-advert-policy and user-generated content make finding your next destination easy and enjoyable.

We want you to List, Book and Discover with ease and comfort. Why worry about your booking and listing when it’s this easy?

Vist our site and see for yourself! If you enjoy the experience share with others!

If you want to find out more information on our Business Model, Sign Up Process or anything to do with our Platform, please visit our dedicated Help Page.

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