5 Luxury Destinations That Are Actually Affordable

Thinking about holiday destinations for your summer break? Luxury water-villa with its own aquarium in the Maldives maybe? Million-star hotel in Abu Dhabi? Floating eco-hotel and spa in Switzerland?

Na, we’re good cheers, sounds mighty expensive.

We’re with you on that one! Let’s leave the hyperbolic-luxury to the upper echelon and bring it down to earth with the help of the Gomingo-Gurus. They’ve curated this list of affordable luxury destinations that are fit for any travellers budget and it’s only a few scrolls away.

Kyoto, Japan

Yes, Tokyo is an amazing destination and one of our favourites here at Gomingo. But, Kyoto is on another level of class and affordability.

It’s more expensive to fly to Kyoto, yet the savings you make on your spending out there will make up the difference. It’s £30 for a meal in a mid-range restaurant, compared to upwards of £40 in Tokyo, if you’re lucky. The key lure of Kyoto is its traditional consistency compared to the modern-metropolis of Tokyo.

Kyoto Japan, two women in kimonos standing in front of a row of streets leading to a temple.
Photo By Sorasak

There is an array of magical attractions that are unique to Kyoto. It boasts sleek contemporary zen gardens and inspiring Palaces, gorgeous soul-grounding temples and traditional houses that’ll submerge you entirely in Japanese culture.

From food decorated with careful precision at luxurious Kaiseki dinners, to a once in a lifetime historical walk through the ever-picturesque Ninen-zaka and Sannen-zaka districts, where you get to hike up cobblestones and squeeze through narrow lanes, all whilst taking in the gorgeous traditional homes and vintage shops.

The luxury experience in Kyoto is never-ending! Anyone else catching the travel bug yet? We sure are.

Istanbul, Turkey

Believe it or not, but this timeless megalopolis is laced with luxe and the gorgeous Turkish infrastructure is very unique. This city is a lively light-show with an unignorable hum of movement. Seeing it from the plane window as you land is an unforgettable experience. Istanbul exudes luxury, but also historical tradition and culture. You can easily get a flight for under a £100 and stay in great hotels from £50 per-night.

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey
Photo By Vedatzorluer

Looking for an experience that really indulges your senses? There’s a lot that’s hard to come by anywhere else, for example; the notorious gold and spice bazaars with items that are a bit pricey, but who says you can’t window shop? Or perhaps, enjoying some fine Turkish wine at the chic rooftop Mikla Bar, is more your cup of tea? The famous Blue Mosque is a must for those wanting to soak up some culture too.

Whatever you fancy, you can bet Istanbul has what you need; from the perfect honeymoon destination to the perfect high-end cultural awakenings. This city is a great example of a luxury city that you can fly to and stay in on the cheap.

Cape Town, South Africa

A Gomingo favourite is Cape Town, home to the mystical Table Mountain and the famous Boulders Beach. One of the worlds most gorgeous settings and its dirt cheap. Like, really cheap.

The fascinating city seamlessly presents itself as a modern business forefront all whilst maintaining the beautiful South African culture and tradition. A proper millennial destination if we ever saw one.

Different coloured Beach houses lined up one after the other on a beach
Photo By Arno Smit

Cape Town is a luxury foodies haven – wherever you go, you’re going to get top quality food, guaranteed. Whether this is in a cosy yet vibrant hipster-pub on Bree Street or a fine dining restaurant down on the V&A Waterfront.

And the best part? The prices in Cape town are super low! In comparison to the UK, where the price of a pint in the capital is £5.19, Cape Town beers are just £2.28. Plus, Cape Town has a fistful of super-cool breweries, with some of the sleekest tap-rooms around. Get a to-see-list (or to-drink-list), hit the streets, drink some great beer and come back to your well-priced accommodation with loads of change to spare.

Flights are expensive. It is at the end of the inhabitable world, let’s be fair. But honestly, when you can get a martini and fresh oysters on a rooftop bar for a £10, does it really matter… Thought so!

Bali, Indonesia

Just picture it… stunning white sand beaches, the captivating culture, never-ending natural beauty and ‘oh my’, the food. That wondrous aromatic food that stimulates all of your taste buds!

I mean, we couldn’t leave Bali out of this list, it is the most well-known luxurious yet affordable destination. We’ve all been on Instagram right!?

From the price of their 5* accommodations (£50+) to the price of their exotic meals at high-end restaurants (also £50+). There aren’t enough words to describe how this smart city embodies luxurious affordability! I mean where else can you get an infinity-pool nestled on a jungle hill-side for less than £50 a night…

Phuket, Thailand

Last, but definitely not least is this golden gem – Phuket, Thailand. This destination is a honeymooners paradise; the affordability is off the scale yet the luxury of this enchanting island knows no bounds.

Phuket’s unwavering natural beauty is what makes the Island so lovable for many. Honeymoon-goers looking for amazing stays at an affordable price are drawn to the relaxing paradise that is Phuket and we can see why!

Phi Phi Islands Phuket Bali, with boats.
Photo By Deepain Jindal

To give you some monetary context the cost of almost everything, flights, stays, food and experiences on this Island are considerably lower than nearby popular destinations such as Fiji or Bora Bora.

And that’s our top 5 affordable luxury destinations!

Found your favourite vacay spot and want to know more? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

P.S. We have accommodation in all these places! So you can search to your luxury-loving hearts-content on Gomingo.com.