3 Step Sign Up & List Process

Welcome to your Gomingo 3 Step Sign Up Guide. It’s very simple, you’ll have your accommodation listed in no time at all.

We like to do things differently (*cough* better *cough*) here at Gomingo, we understand that our process is different to other booking platforms, let us show you why our way is faster and better.

STEP 1 – Sign Up

  • Sign Up on our Home Page.
  • Receive an email link, click to activate.
  • Update Account Profile Information (address, bio, photo and phone number)

Now your account is active, to move from a Guest account to a Host account please follow the steps below. Nothing complicated, we just need a few bits of info to get you started.

STEP 2 – Set Up

  • Return to the Home Page and click on Add Listing to begin listing accommodation
  • Basic accommodation set up is complete once you’ve entered your name, an accommodation type is selected and address provided.
  • After you’ve filled out the necessary information you will be granted access to your Gomingo Extranet.

STEP 3 – Extranet Access

  • Now return to your dashboard and update your Accommodation Profile, this is your hotel or accommodation group’s social profile where you will tell guests about yourselves.
  • Again we just need hotel name, description, address, images and general amenities.
  • Add more rooms by clicking add room type so you give your room context on our site. If you wish to add more rooms of the same room type, simply click on the number and follow the same process.
  • Update payout information
  • Make your rooms live and visible on our website by clicking on Unlist button so it changes to List.

Now you’re good to go! Remember you can unlist or list your room at any time by clicking the button. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at support@gomingo.com

Happy hosting!